Second Day


Today was amazing! Canadá is amazing.

Good Morning!

Today I got my backpack and I went downtown alone!

Some tickets to get the bus:

Some maps (Lianne’s maps – Great!):

Before get off – some more pictures – the animals:


Now I’m going – 11:15 AM


I arrived in King St:


I found a church there:
DSCN7880 DSCN7895

Canada’s traffic – the cars stop to you pass:

Canada’s Soda – Gingembre’s Soda – Like Brasilian soda:
 DSCN7900 DSCN7901

Today they were recording a new movie with good actors:

There is a fame hall here also:

Street Cars:

There are a lot of different stuffs here:

Time to had something:
 DSCN7952 DSCN7954

CN Tower – Great place:
 DSCN7959 DSCN7966 DSCN7970 DSCN7975

This is to drink water – In the street:

Beatiful bus:

Nice place, near my school:

Street Party!
DSCN8021 DSCN8027 DSCN8028 DSCN8033 DSCN8050 DSCN8040 DSCN8041 DSCN8065 DSCN8075 DSCN8076 DSCN8086 DSCN8093

Visiting a store:
DSCN8063 DSCN8061

Funny car:


Going back home:

Station was empty:

Obviusly I got lost – for some minutes – I had a good time!

I arrived at home 9:40 PM – My dinner was done(Nice!!!!!):

So, as you can see today was a nice day! I had fun in downtown, I have visited a lot of pieces of Toronto, and I’m praticing my english as much as I can. I’m really happy to be here, it’s a nice place to live and to be for a long time, the people are so nice, they talk to you in the street, they aren’t naughty as well.

I couldn’t imagine a big party as that I went (street party) in Brazil, it was amazing, with some bands, nice people and everything working fine without problems.

I was afraind to get the subway and arrive in the correct place, but is very easy to know where you are and to go using subway or bus or street car.

Today I spent to know the city, now I know how to go to school and how to come back home, that great! I bought some T-Shirts and a cream to tidy my rebel hair! hahaha

I’d love to write more and more things to you all that are following my blog, but now is already 12:16 AM (21-09-2008) and I need to sleep!!!

I hope that tomorrow will be a nice day, I’m going to Niagara Falls!

No more words for today!

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks for reading.


3 comentários sobre “Second Day

  1. Olá Fabio,          Muito legal as fotos. Se der tire mais fotos dos carros daí, tenho curiosidade de saber como são. T+. Boa semana pra vc também !!

  2. Ta aí adorei isso tudo.Viajens…ualMas me diga, é impressão minha ou você ainda esta no Canada?!Adorei seu blog, e pode estar certo que estarei acompanhando.Não vejo a hora de viajar tbm.Mas vamos combinar…Seu inglês fluente néh.Puts o dia que o meu passar pro intermediário já agradeço kkkkMas que nada juram que na wise up é fluencia em 18 meses na certa rsrsrsrDeixe comentário no meu blog tambem e mande noticias sempre que postarFotos… e fotos … e mais fotos… que eu adoroOoA propósito ja morei pertinho de você, em BotiatuvaHoje moro em LondrinaMas no findu ano estou por aee(Curitiba)Beijos honeyE boa viajem caso ainda esteja no Canada e pretenda voltar.

  3. Ah Canada Dry….that’s what your mom gives you whenever you are sick growing up…just seems to make you feel better :)

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