Third Day

Hello all!

Today as I imagined was soooo amazing! I went to Niagara Falls:


Before start the trip I met some new friends, a Brasilian girl and a German girl, they are waiting the bus with me.

We started our trip on time, 10:00 AM, and the first stop was Vineland, a beatiful wine factory:

DSCN8177 DSCN8200 DSCN8194 DSCN8224

After that we went to Niagara-on-the-lake, that’s a nice place, everything are beatiful there:

DSCN8248 DSCN8249 DSCN8242DSCN8257 DSCN8253  DSCN8247 DSCN8258 DSCN8268 DSCN8267 (I was looking for a car to rent – That’s fine, isn’t it?)

I bought Maple Pop Corn to try – It’s not bad…
DSCN8286 DSCN8289 DSCN8298 DSCN8301 DSCN8300

Finally we went to the Falls:
DSCN8304 DSCN8307 (The smalest church in the world! HAHAHA)

Nigara River:
DSCN8319 DSCN8321 DSCN8322 DSCN8328 DSCN8329 DSCN8340 DSCN8345

I was in the Falls!!!
DSCN8368 DSCN8370 DSCN8372 DSCN8375 DSCN8379 DSCN8380 DSCN8383 DSCN8390 DSCN8395 DSCN8402 DSCN8407 DSCN8436 DSCN8437 DSCN8451 DSCN8453 DSCN8461 DSCN8464 DSCN8473 DSCN8475 DSCN8480 DSCN8484

DSCN8485 DSCN8486 (A new friend from Korea!)
DSCN8489 DSCN8516 DSCN8498 DSCN8503

Now the best view of Nigara Falls – Skylon tower:
DSCN8530 DSCN8531DSCN8536 DSCN8538 DSCN8540  DSCN8541 FSCN8544 DSCN8546 DSCN8547DSCN8548  DSCN8549 DSCN8551 DSCN8552 DSCN8553DSCN8558 DSCN8562 DSCN8563 DSCN8564 DSCN8570 DSCN8577 DSCN8575

Going back home:
DSCN8581 DSCN8589

Wow!!! I’m so tired today, a lot of photos, there are much more with me, and some videos also. This was a unforgetable experience, I loved that.

Today I got lost again, I mean, I took off the bus one station before that I should took off, but no problem, I knew where I was today. Tomorrou I’ll take of in the right place.

Good bye people, tomorrow It will start my english classes, I hope to have time to continue porting here, I need at least a hour a day to be possible do something nice.

Let me know what are you thinking about my blog, leave a comment please!!!

Bye everybody, see you tomorrow!


2 comentários sobre “Third Day

  1. Show de bola hein garoto…
    Você esteve no lugar onde filmaram uma parte daquele filme "O todo poderoso", não é?! O "Maid of the Mist".
    Keep us up to date!

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