Fifth Day

Morning guys!

Today I had new and nice experiences again… I believe that will be like that til the end.

Begining the day I had a tipicaly Canadian breakfast, eggs, bread and bacon. It’s a really big meal.

So, at school I had my first communications class, it’s a kind of conversation class, but really hard! In my class there are a spanish, two germans, two frech, a swedish, and two Brasilians! The other Brasilian work at ExxonMobil too, in Brazil, in the same office that I work! hahaha.. It was a huge coincidence, wasn’t it?

Well, the class was really tiring today, ‘cause I didn’t sleep enough, I went to the bad late last night… I was posting here! hehehe

After class we, me and a german friend, went to some new nice places to know.

Best Buy:

Future Shop and CMC (movies):
DSCN8667 DSCN8737


A nice place now:
DSCN8670DSCN8726DSCN8727DSCN8728  DSCN8729DSCN8731DSCN8732

More pics from this session:
DSCN8675DSCN8676DSCN8678DSCN8684 DSCN8697 DSCN8695 DSCN8691 DSCN8702 DSCN8739DSCN8742

Ok, that’s was one more day! Obviusly I’d have a lot of things to write down here, but It’s being impossible… I’m really so tired today and I need as soon as possible to go to the bed and to have a nice sleeeeeep! 😀

It’s enough for today 😀

See ya tomorrow!


3 comentários sobre “Fifth Day

  1. hehe very nice! Yes the Heinz Ketchup with the eggs and bacon…sooo good. I had that this morning actually 😉 and yes please try dipping the eggs in the’ll never eat eggs without it again!!!

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