Seventh Day – Complete

This seventh day was pretty cool also!

DSCN8898(me, Mauren(Germany), Jackson (Brazil – Curitiba – ExxonMobil – Yes, it’s a big coincidence!)

I was walking and I saw funny cars:
DSCN8904 DSCN8903 DSCN8906

After our class, the school organized a soccer game (I didn’t played, next week maybe), It was in the HighPark:
DSCN8915  DSCN8920 DSCN8927 DSCN8929 DSCN8946 DSCN8941 DSCN8942

When I was going back home, I decided to take off in the Kensinton Market, I was walking towards chinatown, and I bought some souvenirs and cool things :D, I was really tired, so I decided to take a street car, it was a new experience, and it is nice and eficient… when I was passing in front of Rogers Centre I decided take off and try to get a ticket to the baseball game (New York Yankees X Toronto Blue Jays). I don’t know the rules but the stadium is amazing, huge and with a increduble estructure.
DSCN8955 DSCN8956 DSCN8962 DSCN8970 DSCN8977

After that I got my car and came back home:

It was I tiring day, because the subway isn’t working (portion of), I became a little scared, for a second I thoght that I would call to a taxi, but It was not necessary. TTC is very good, and I got home only few minutes later.

Well folks, It was my nice sevent day. 😀

Nice! Comment please!


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  1. Very nice! I’m glad you got to see a Blue Jays game. Ahhh the funny cars, the first car is a Mini Cooper and the second one is a SmartCar ( my next door neighbor has one of the same color ) .

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