Eighth Day

Hey folks, it’s really crazy… today (I mean, yesterday) I completed my first week! It’s really incredible, I did a lot of things and I need to do a lot yet!

Actually I believe that I’m having a good time in here. Every day.

Well let me start telling about my day…

In the morning we had a half of class in ILSC, about 10 am we went to the court.

My multicultural class:
 DSCN8987 DSCN8988

After my afternoon classes we went to a pub – It was the last day of some of students:
DSCN9006 DSCN8991 DSCN8993 DSCN8999

After that I went to the church – It was the first Catholic Church I found – Really beatiful:
DSCN9000 DSCN9001 DSCN9005 

Pub with a funny name:
DSCN9007 DSCN9010

Also I went to Eaton Centre – a big mall:
DSCN9013 DSCN9014 DSCN9015 DSCN9016 DSCN9017


As I was realllllly tired, I got home earlier…

Tomorrow (I mean today, haha), I’ll try to visit the Toronto’s Zoo!

See you guys!


2 comentários sobre “Eighth Day

  1. Oieee!!
    Lindo, estou vendo que vc está se divertindo bastante aí neh, que bom!
    Só não gostei dessa loira que está sempre do seu lado!
    não gostei mesmo

  2. I’m glad you got to visit the eaton center, it’s a very nice place! And I haven’t seen it yet on your blog but have you try the best food Canada has to offer??? A Poutine???

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