Fifteenh Day

WOW, one more week has gone! Fast, don’t it?
DSCN9635 So, that’s why I need to be rechargeable, to have enough energy all time! It’s really hard, you know? (I bought these bateries to my camera, more batery to make sure that I’ll get all times in here!)

Well, today as Friday I’ll try to explain more about my day! Nice day again! Sunny and Cold! haha

In the morning, I went with my class to Kensington Market, we had some coffee and we visit some coooool stores, that I’d never seen before:

Today was the last day of this session at school, each month starts a new session, so today the went to get together like a goodbye party – This was my mornig class in the last 2 weeks – My teacher(Tino) is the guy looking to nothing – hahaha:

Good, afternoon I took a picture with my two classes.

Street Talk 2 – Teacher Shoshana, with the purple coat, nice teacher:

ICE – Teacher Laleh – In the middle:

I’ll miss this classes…

After the class, we went to a pub… I had a goooood time there, it was really fun man, new kinds of beer and drinks, and new friends as well.

This is really big! have nachos?

That’s done! This is being my homework, and today it’s better than the last days, at least I wrote something here.

Guys, I hope to visit the zoo tomorrow, so wait a raining of pictures tomorrow! hahahaha…

See ya!


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