DSCN5420 - Cópia


Hi People! Today I went to Toronto Island, really interesting and nice place, with trees and animals free in the forest haha! So, there I could see how Toronto is amazing, we can see as well!

DSCN5392 - Cópia DSCN5398 - Cópia DSCN5399 - Cópia DSCN5408 - Cópia DSCN5420 - Cópia DSCN5423 - Cópia DSCN5426 - Cópia DSCN5431 - Cópia DSCN5445 - Cópia DSCN5446 - Cópia DSCN5448 - Cópia DSCN5449 - Cópia DSCN5450 - Cópia DSCN5453 - Cópia DSCN5455 - Cópia DSCN5466 - Cópia DSCN5468 - Cópia DSCN5472 - Cópia DSCN5479 - Cópia DSCN5481 - Cópia DSCN5482 - Cópia DSCN5488 - Cópia DSCN5491 - Cópia DSCN5512 - Cópia DSCN5515 - Cópia
DSCN5517 - Cópia

I believe that this is my last post this week, I’m going to New York and I don’t know if I’ll have time to post something from there!

New York, here we go!!! (I can’t believe yet!!!)



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