Thirdy-Fourth Day

Hey guys, today is my last day of my jorney in Canada, I hope that you had liked, I’m really happy with my english and with all new places that I visit.

My luggage:
DSCN6761DSCN6760DSCN6748 DSCN6750 DSCN6751 DSCN6755

What I’ll give with me, memories, friends’ emails, notes and good things to remember.
DSCN6757 DSCN6758 DSCN6759 

I saved I little time to write to my homestay mother:
 DSCN6762 DSCN6763 DSCN6767

Today I went to school to say good bye:

My last class:

Fortunatelly I could go to visit Microsoft Canada today, 2 hours and 30 minutes far from my home… but I went:DSCN6770 DSCN6776 DSCN6779 DSCN6800 DSCN6803

I believe that I forget to tell about my new toy!

Finishing well my jorney – It was snowing today!!! The first time that I saw snow in my life! I’m really happy because of it.

Now, here in the airport, with my ticket in hands, and waiting to get the fly to São Paulo:
DSCN6867 DSCN6869 DSCN6870 DSCN6872 DSCN6873 DSCN6874

DSCN6900 DSCN6902 DSCN6903 DSCN6904 DSCN6911 DSCN6916 DSCN6917 DSCN6946 DSCN6967

Arriving in Curitiba:
DSCN6989 DSCN6993


I hope that you had had fun with my blog and being part of my history! 😀

Thanks for everybody that is following my blog.

Sad to leave Canada, Happy to be going back home… I really want to see the people that I love!

So, see you in my next trip. 😉


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