ALM Readiness Treasure Map–Sharing refactored

Hello everyone, as VS ALM Ranger I’m member of the ALM Treasure Map project, and I’ll show you the new sharing feature we have implemented.


Now we can share Text and Html content, for example, Text is used by Twitter app and Html is used by Email app. If other app uses some of those way of sharing, it will work as well.


Share charm bar after sharing feature is called

Sharing to email – it adds the picture and the whole project description

Sharing to Twitter – it adds the project name and the links related to it. It also ensure that the share will be done in less than 140 characters


How it’s done in the code? Simply like that:

Event raised when the content is requested by the share feature in Windows 8


Text content being set, for twitter sharing

Html content being set, for email sharing – htmlExample is a simple html string.


Also it was added sharing feature to share from the main tresure map screen and categories screen info about the app.


Sharing the main page


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