DevOps and Release Management in Visual Studio 2015

Release Management in VS2015 will be a huge improvement from the previous version. It’s worth watching the video below like a quick teaser, seems very promissing.




ILDASM – MSIL Disassembler

Ildasm.exe is a useful tool to verify some information in your assemblies, like .net framework version, methods, etc.

Check out more about it:

To run it, go to Visual Studio Command Prompt and type ildasm 🙂


New Visual Studio Alm Ranger

Hello guys, now I’m here to announce that now I’m part of Visual Studio Alm Ranger team!

Alm Ranger team is a virtual team coordinated mainly by Microsoft employees, and develop some processes about VS Alm world.

My first project will be the Build Customization Guide, and it’s about to start. Hope to write soon more about it.