Some words – Advanced English

Hi there, this is just an exercise to pratice some new words in English, if you now all bold words you are really good… try to translate all of them… need help? Tell me.

I was taken aback by some stuff. Sometimes I get abashed and abated. Abattoir is a place where animals are killed for food. Have you already been abducted? Some people abet us, don’t give so much importance for them. I abhors violence and what do you think about it? I can’t abide boring people. Some people abounds in happiness. I always try to be above-board. When I felt down I got an abrasion. There’s a rumour abroad about me. I’m here but I’m not absent. Sometimes I’m absent-minded. I’m an abstemious young man.


Achei um artigo interessante escrito por Rosana Palmieri sobre expressões uteis ao telefone, resolvi colocar aqui no blog porque sei o quanto é util isso :D.

Para aqueles que são surpreendidos por alguém falando outro idioma do outro lado da linha ou precisam se comunicar com outros países, seguem algumas dicas do que dizer:
Ao atender ao telefone:
Diga seu nome ou número
– Hello. Susan Thomas.
– Hello. Jane three seven oh double two (=37022).

· Nos Estados Unidos
– Hello. Packard residence. Albert Packard speaking.
Para solicitar alguém
– Could I speak to Mary-Jean?
Ou, nos Estados Unidos:
– Could I speak with…?
Para se identificar
– Hello, this is Corinne. (Não diga: I’m Corinne).
– Could I speak to Jane Horrabin?
– "Speaking". (ou This is Jane Horrabin speaking.

· Nos Estados Unidos:
– This is she.
Para perguntar com quem você está falando
– Who is that? (Nos Estados Unidos: Who’s this? / Who’s there?
– Who am I speaking to?
– Who is that speaking?
Para solicitar um número ou ramal
– Could I have extension two oh four six?
– What’s the (dialling/area) code for London?
– How do I call the operator?
Para fazer uma chamada a cobrar
– I’d like to make a reversed (ou transferred) charge call to Bristol 37878.

· Nos Estados Unidos:
– I’d like to make a collect call.
Para dizer quando alguém não se encontra
– I’m afraid she’s not in at the moment.
– Can I take a message?
– Can I leave a message?
– I’ll ring/call again later.
– Could you ask her to ring/call me back?
– Could you ask her to ring/call me at/on Ardington 37022?
– Could you just tell her Jake called?
Para solicitar que a pessoa espere
– Just a moment.
– Hold the line, please.
– Hold on a moment, please.
– Hang on. (informal)
Frases padrão para recepcionistas/operadores:
– One moment, please. I’m trying to connect you.
– The number is ringing for you. I’m putting you through now.
– I’m afraid the number/line is engaged/busy. Will you hold?
– I’m afraid there’s no reply from this number/ from her extension.
O que esperar ou dizer quando se disca o número errado
– I think you’ve got the wrong number.
– I’m sorry. I’ve got the wrong number.
– Could you speak louder? It’s a bad line/ bad connection.
– I rang you earlier but I couldn’t get through.