Things I’ve done in Toronto

Today I was looking some old things that I brought from canada the. I notice that there was several places that I’ve been and that it must be interesting for who is visiting Toronto.

I really recommend to go to hockey, basket and basebal. Specially if you can’t see these matches in your country. I could even find some cheap tickets 🙂

It is a must! You must go to Niagara Falls if you are in Toronto. It’s awesome, and usually there are some trips that are not so expensive. They usually stay for a while in a city called Niagara’s on the lake, very beautiful. Also we visited some wineries, and also we tasted some wine during the trip.


Canada’s wonderland is for who likes amusement parks! I went to the park 3 times in one month, so I won’t meet to say if I liked, right?   

Casa Loma, CN Tower, Zoo, ROM and Ontario Science Centre. I went in then paying separately but there is a city pass where you pay 40% less, but you need to buy it over Internet –

Also I went to the beaches :)… This is the map that my host mother gave me.

You may also go to the islands, it’s cheap and you will have an awesome view from Toronto from the other side of the lake.



Thirdy-Fourth Day

Hey guys, today is my last day of my jorney in Canada, I hope that you had liked, I’m really happy with my english and with all new places that I visit.

My luggage:

What I’ll give with me, memories, friends’ emails, notes and good things to remember.

I saved I little time to write to my homestay mother:

Today I went to school to say good bye:

My last class:

Fortunatelly I could go to visit Microsoft Canada today, 2 hours and 30 minutes far from my home… but I went:

I believe that I forget to tell about my new toy!

Finishing well my jorney – It was snowing today!!! The first time that I saw snow in my life! I’m really happy because of it.

Now, here in the airport, with my ticket in hands, and waiting to get the fly to São Paulo:

Arriving in Curitiba:

I hope that you had had fun with my blog and being part of my history! 😀

Thanks for everybody that is following my blog.

Sad to leave Canada, Happy to be going back home… I really want to see the people that I love!

So, see you in my next trip. 😉